February 27th and 28th 11AM -12AM PAC

Do You Want to:

1. Save $ on health costs and down time
2. Feel more alive and radiant;
3. Do something wonderful for the generations to come;
4. Do your part in Earth stewardship – All Our Relations
5. Have better relationships
6. Have a healthier, better home
7. And more….. ??

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Yes, it will take a little time and thought and planning, yet many of these small things, done consistently, could literally make a profound difference in you, your children’s and grandchildren’s lives.  We need to take seriously the idea of choosing our actions with the NEXT 7 GENERATIONS IN MIND.

And it’s not just a spiritual or groovy thing to do: wise elders from around the world tell us that we have just this ONE GENERATION ~ OURS! ~  to bring ourselves into harmony with the large Life, or THE HUMAN FAMILY WILL BE EXTINCT.    

WE ARE  DOWN TO THE WIRE, and yet I know we can do this, with some intention, dedication, and fierce willingness to do our part. And such beauty awaits us……….