Welcome and Introduction: Journey to the Beginning

Brooke Medicine Eagle

“Becoming a Real Human Being”

Ilarion Merculieff

"‘Medicines for this Critical Time”

Rosemary Gladstar

“Ceremony & the Simple Life”

Sandra Ingerman

Being Fully Human

Michael Pilarski

“Natural, Ecological and Economical Building”

Penny Livingston

“Living Well & Simply”

Tom Elpel

“Becoming Indigenous in Your Own Land”

Davyd and Emma Farrell

“Stepping Up to Make a Difference”

Clare DuBois

“ Modern Day Women’s Mysteries”

Jane Hardwicke Collings

“Spirit & Science: Creation at Every Level”

Paul Levy

“Plants as Amazing Spirit Teachers & Healers.”

Pam Montgomery

“Shamanism & Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times”

Hank Wesselman

“Telling A Generative Story for the Future”

Genevieve Boast

“The Shaman’s Connection with Nature”

Itzhak Beery

“Touching All Life with Love”

Linda Tellington-Jones

“Participating in the Creation of Beauty”

Charles Eisenstein

“Agro- ecology and Sustaining Life”

Steven McFadden

“Dancing with the Magic & Mystery of Water”

MJ Pangman

“Healing Within; Connecting to Life Around Us”

Michael Stone

“The Power of Integrative, Wholistic Medicine”

Don Beans

“Healing through Connection & Coherence”

Dr. Terry Willard ClH, PhD

“Awaking YOUR Dream of the Possible Human, the Possible Future”

Jean Houston

,”Handy and competent - Being in Creative Touch with the Earth”

David Wescott

“Inspiration & Ceremony”

Robin Youngblood

, “Literal Return to Earth - natural and ecological interment.”

Holly Blue Hawkins

Ancient Codes, Wisdom & Fern Medicine from Hawaii’

Ke'oni Hanalei

Thank you, and May You Walk Forward in Beauty

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Returning to Earth Bonus Interview!

Lex Amore
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