“Shamanism & Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times”

With Hank Wesselman

What a delight to talk with Hank and hear all his great teaching stories. From digging back into Paleo time in Africa to bringing forth the future
through his visions, he is powerful resource of wisdom for us in this time. He speaks of the role of the shamanist in bringing through solution to the
critical issues of our time. You’ll enjoy this one!

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About Hank Wesselman

Hank Wesselman PhD., is an anthropologist who has spent much of his life in Africa as a member of several reattach expeditions in the fossil beds of the Great Rift Valley, in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. He is also the author of nine books on shamanism including The Re-Enchantment, The Bowl of Light, the award winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman), and his Spiritwalker Trilogy 


  1. Claudia Ucros

    Very moving !

    • Greta

      I found so interesting Hank’s stories and his vivid detailed narrations working in Africa, finding his spirits and getting involved in shamanism. He gave a detailed description on how shamans live and how they heal and help others

  2. R. Fitzgerald

    Unable to open video. States it is private.

  3. Shirley Blancke

    This is the first video I have tried to open, but am unable to open it. Says I have to “sign in”. Where? I paid for all of them. Are they only available at the end?

  4. Lila McClellan

    I am not able to view this video.

  5. Summer

    What an excellent interview and so timely. .Such a surprise to hear that Hank passed on recently.. He was at his best and full of vim and vigor right up until the end. May he rest in peace


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