Fireside Chat with Brooke Medicine Eagle

Hello – Thanks for joining me for this FIRESIDE CHAT – I have so much to share with you! My intention is to support you, as well as urging you to act for All Life in the ways possible for you.

My commitment is to continue offerings that make a difference for you and All Our Relations.

I’d love to have your support for moving forward: 

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  1. Victoria Koch

    Thank you Brooke. I am a young 73 year old woman and love your energetic spirit. I read your books when I was in my twenties and found you again for your healing series of incredible interviews. I hope you will be able to eventually offer in person retreats and groups. Please keep me on your email list. I love your idea of a women’s clan. Thank you for your love and sending you love back.

  2. sharon bringleson

    BROOKE, my sister Earthkeeper!

    I get accused of being negative too, as I teach about these dangers as well.

    Thank you so much for stepping up at this time. I love this Earth just like you….I am in deep despair at the brainwashing toward getting the people to worship all of these engineered technologies. The big powers are just plundering our Mother until all is gone….preparing for Planet B.
    I will donate for your courage to speak about the “train coming.”


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