“Touching All Life with Love”

With Linda Tellington-Jones

You will like spending time with Linda; she is an old and amazing soul, here to do the work of unity and honoring of all life ~ Buffalo Woman’s
work! Although her life began on a back country Canadian farm, loving and working with horses and all the animals there, her healing ways have
literally spread around the world! I especially loved her continuing curiosity about life, healing, and what is behind it all. She defines “intuition” as
manifesting divine consciousness, and she has used it, with dedication to the benefit of all, to bring forth powerful gifts to Earth. I think you find her an
inspiring model.

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About Linda Tellington-Jones

The pioneering work of Linda Tellington-Jones has its roots in a philosophy that sees all beings — humans and animals alike — as reflections of a Divine Whole. The Tellington Method was first created four decades ago as a system of animal training, healing and communication that allows people to relate to animals in a deeper, more compassionate way — a way that furthers inter-species connection and honors the body, mind and spirit of both animals and their people. The Tellington Method utilizes a variety of techniques of touch, movement and body language to affect behavior, performance, health and relationship and increases an animal’s willingness and ability to learn in a painless and anxiety-free environment.
Linda’s highly effective and revolutionary approach to working with animals brought her world-wide recognition, and it was out of this success that Tellington TTouch® for human healthcare has arisen, emerging as an important addition to the world of alternative healing practices.
In 2019 Linda travelled to Vienna, Austria to receive the prestigious

“Torch-Bearer Award” presented by the Sri Chinmoy International Peace Run. Linda received this award in recognition of her development of TTouch® which builds a unique, peaceful connection between animals and people.
Her work is taught in 39 countries and she has written 21 books on the Tellington Method, published in 16 languages. Linda’s aspiration is to awaken recognition of Cellular Wisdom and to inspire Oneness with Mother Earth and her Kingdoms of Nature.




  1. Dain

    Great interview with Linda. She is truly inspirational. I never think of Linda as “old” but as someone who has so much knowledge and experience to share.

  2. Vivi

    Linda, Brooke: amazing ladies, thank you for sharing your loving wisdom with us.
    You really give hope to the world.
    Love and protection to you–keep up your great work for mother earth with gratitude!

    • Northstar

      This was so incredibly heartfelt and lovely. Exactly what I needed in this moment. Mahalo Linda & Brooke

  3. Greta

    I loved Linda’s talk, so kind and loving towards the earth and animals. I got touched by her story with the snake and also her simple ways of touch and gratitude for our bodies. Thank you so much and many blessings to you

  4. sharon bringleson

    I loved hearing you in this way, Linda. This talk was very inspiring and I am grateful that Brooke invited you to speak of your connection to the animals.
    It seems we are both from the Atlantis pod of souls and appreciated that transmission. I had shivers when you spoke of that end time.
    Also, I have experienced regressions to heal from that time.
    I look forward to sharing more the next time I see you in Colorado.
    Keeping on, returning to our Nature and loving the Mother’s creation.

  5. Rose

    A remarkable person <3

  6. Martha Hamilton

    What a powerful transmission, full of valuable information on how to intimately connect with ourselves and all beings!
    There is a great remembering happening, as we come back together and occupy intuitive knowing.

  7. Lisa Goodale Brinton

    I followed your work many many years ago when I raised horses. My life took me down many spiritual paths with healing, animals, humans and plant spirit healing. I cannot tell you how delightful it is to find you here. It feels like I’ve come full circle, thank you Linda for the gift your life has been to so many.
    Lisa Goodale Brinton

  8. Edward Welch

    Linda, Thank you for sharing your profound and beautiful wisdom & stories. I knew much of this intellectually, but you teaching is so clear and simple that I fell like I now know how to begin to share in and help to create the reality of heaven on earth. Thank you for your gifts and sharing your love with us.

  9. Karen Peters

    Always so good to remember to practice the healing touch you shared with the world, Linda. Thank you again. I always recommend your work in mine.

  10. Susan Yewell

    Truly wonderful and beautiful. Thank you Linda.


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