“Agro- ecology and Sustaining Life”

With Steven McFadden

Good morning! Steven is a man of the land and shares with us a call to the land, awakening us not only to the physical but as well spiritual aspects
of that relationship. His lifetime focus has been growing healthy, nutrient- rich food on well-supported farms. Also included is a powerful sense of
social justice for all, especially the farmers who are our ambassadors to the land. He is steeped in indigenous wisdom and shares with us from a very
heartful place.

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About Steven McFadden

I’ve been writing about the land since I graduated from journalism school at Boston University in 1975. I’ve authored hundreds of articles, and 15 nonfiction books exploring themes related to the land and to our lives. My works encompass not just clean, just, sustainable ways of bringing forth our food and spiritual health from the land, but also healing the earth itself with means both practical and mystical. I’ve worked many long years with some of the great healers and wisdom keepers of our time, and as is my calling I carry on and evolve those traditions in support of life and the generations to come.


  1. Edward Welch

    Thank you Steven. I too am a farmer and have been all my life. I truly appreciate all that you are doing for the land, the planet and for the realization of a new world with new awareness and focus.

  2. Greta

    It was very useful hearing Steven explaining the agro-ecology movement which sounds very holistic approach to farming and nature. I did like very much his enlightentment that as individuals we can make a big contribution to the world and the analogy of a butterfly. Thank you both, has been so useful!

  3. Shannon McArthur

    Beautiful sharing; thank you for your uplifting point of view and stories!


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