“Dancing with the Magic & Mystery of Water”

With MJ Pangman

MOTHER EARTH BIRTHS WATER ! Wow, this and many more mysteries of water were so exciting to learn. Because it gestates deep in the womb of Earth, water carries invaluable codes and life force. It makes up most of our body, and to learn about giving ourselves living water with a coherent structure was certainly new and exciting. You will
love MJ’s profound wisdom and feeling for this essential element of our lives.

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About MJ Pangman

MJ Pangman is a writer and natural scientist who has authored or ghost-written a number of books for doctors, naturopaths and inventors. In the 1990s she became fascinated with water as a vehicle for the transmission of energy and information, and as a conscious participant in the dance of life. Her research and writing of Dancing with Water has allowed her to step into a new relationship with the Earth and with the natural forces that constitute the Web of Life. She is committed to helping others gain a similar appreciation for water’s multi-faceted role in life on this planet. She looks forward to the day when the human race will honor and live in harmonious balance with Mother Earth.


  1. MJ Pangman

    Melanie and I decided years ago to act as advocates for water. Our deepest desire is to help our readers engage in a renewed relationship with water– a conscious relationship that opens the door for them to dance, sing and play with this beautiful gift from Mother Earth. Join us as we take the “dance” to a new level, Returning to Earth and Becoming Fully Human. Thank you Brooke, for the opportunity to share our love of water with your audience.

    • Greta

      What a beautiful, inspirational talk connecting with water. I grew up near the sea in Greece, and the sea it’s so calming and beautiful to look at. She comes in my dreams again and again and speaks to me x

  2. Hilary Kneale

    Thank you for sharing your work
    I have worked with water for many years as an artist. I have been inspired by the work of Victor Schauberger.
    I work with both holding and passing water through egg shaped glass vessels in honour and gratitude, water of springs, streams, rivers and oceans.
    Moving Water
    With Water

  3. Mary Carroll

    Thank you so much for this. I conducted what’s known as a proving in homeopathic medicine, some 8 years ago or so, of water from 10 Holy Wells In Ireland. I and colleagues have been since observing the healing properties and themes of the remedy made from these wells, predominantly related to the experience of the feminine. What we’ve been working with and understanding intuitively you are confirming with this wonderful data.

  4. Lila McClellan

    Does MJ have a website or blog? I’d like more specifics on how to energize and balance water.

    • Lila McClellan

      I just found her website, dancingwithwater.com


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