“Becoming a Real Human Being”

With Ilarion Merculieff

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 I’m happy to present to you native Aleut elder and wisdom weaver Ilarion Merculieff. He shares remarkable teachings about his powerful and open childhood education on the tiny Priboloff Islands, as well as about the Womb of All Creation, and how the Feminine is powerful for men, as well as women.     

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About Ilarion Merculieff

Ilarion (Larry Merculieff) was raised in a traditional Unangan (Aleut) way and received his Unangan name Kuuyux. The name is given to one person in each lifetime amongst his people. Kuuyux means an arm extending out from the body, a carrier of ancient knowledge into modern times, a messenger. Today he is living the legacy of his name.

Merculieff is co-founder and former chairman of the Alaska Indigenous Council on Marine Mammals; former chairman of the Nature Conservancy, Alaska chapter; former co-director of the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society, Alaska chapter; as well as co-founder of the International Bering Sea Forum, the Alaska Forum on the Environment, and the Alaska Oceans Network. Merculieff served on the National Research Council Committee on the Bering Sea Ecosystem and presented at numerous scientific conferences. He chaired the Indigenous knowledge sessions (that involved representatives from 80 nations) at the Global Summit of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change, chaired the scientific working group for Snowchange that involved representatives from 8 Arctic nations focused on climate change, and served as the U.S. chair for the 2008 North American Gathering of Indigenous Peoples for the Healing of Mother Earth in Merida, Mexico.

He has authored Wisdom Keeper: One Man’s Journey to Honor the Untold Story of the Unangan People, and co-authored Stop Talking: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning, and Perspectives on Indigenous Issues: Essays on Science, Spirituality, Partnerships, and the Power of Words.

Close to Merculieff’s heart are issues related to cultural and community wellness, traditional ways of living, Elder wisdom, climate change and the environment. Having had a traditional upbringing, Merculieff has been, and continues to be, a strong voice and activist calling for the meaningful application of traditional knowledge and wisdom obtained from Elders in Alaska and throughout the world in dealing with modern day challenges. He founded and currently heads the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways (www.gcill.org). His present work is with a new organization he has founded called the Wisdom Weavers of the World, www.wisdomweavers.world to take the messages of Elders from throughout the world to global attention. 


  1. valerie

    thanks, thanks a lot , Larry Merculieff and Brooke Medicine Eagle , for this message from the heart and this teaching

  2. Angelique Boas

    ~ so deeply grateful I am feeling. Thank you!
    We must become LOVE … yess
    Thank you Ilarion Merculieff for sharing your deep Wisdom
    And bringing this to All.
    Thank you Brooke !,
    All Blessings
    Angelique Boas

  3. Constantía tielbeke

    This is FANTASTIC but the video stopped
    Completely at about 24 min in and not reloading …
    I hope it will be fixed soon ❤️❤️❤️

    • Brooke Medicine Eagle

      I’m not sure what happened with a few of the links that stopped. Go back and try again, and if it doesn’t work, let Benjamin know [email protected]

    • Greta Coutlis

      Oh thank you Brook for returning and offering Ilarion’s talk. It’s so useful to know and trust the feminine inside. I also liked hearing Ilarion’s stories how he grew up in the indigenous cultures and what he loved and respected. The western culture I live in I don’t know what is nature. I am learning it a bit now, and these talks help me to pay attention. I start to walk in the parks, I notice the moon and the sun, and the trees and I notice I feel more settled inside. I really want to live near in nature. I am trying to figure that out.

  4. Mary Standing Bear

    Wow! Whew! When the story was told about retrieving the Masks, I was right there, on the rocks, listening to the sea, noticing the sea birds, and feeling the wind flowing against the grass, and beating the stick on the rock too! I can’t put into words how important this is! I have lived on a small island for years, surrounded by the northern Salish sea. It changes you and shapes you. And today, sitting here now, I feel like I have just been birthed into new life, right here now, at this moment! What an awareness!

  5. Rosa

    Wonderful discussion!!!!

  6. Forest

    Very wonderful thank you.

  7. Fern

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Such an honour for me to hear you speak, to know your story and the story of the Unangan. I feel so hopeful that thru Love we will heal this planet. Blessings.

  8. Sibylle

    Excellent segment with Ilarion. Thank you!

  9. Julie Boreham

    Thank you Brooke and Ilarion for this wonderful opening to the “Returning to Earth Summit”. My heart told me to come, and I am so grateful to remember … Hello, my other Selfs. Thank you for this very special journey of the next few days. My heart sends back love through all the Four Directions listening.

    • Brooke Medicine Eagle

      Yes, my other self, thanks for commenting. What a powerful baseline to have, right? Yet we now adopt that truth too. Bless, Ilarion for all he teaches us, and thanks to his elders and people!!

  10. Margi Flint

    Ahhhh, I felt that I went home. Margi Flint.

  11. Bastiaan

    Much love to all,

    Thank tou for sharing this diamond of wizdom.
    More will be revealed.

    In loving support to all beeings, Red Owl Hummingbird Bastiaan.

  12. Aliana

    That was truly beautiful. Enjoyed the stories greatly and very grateful for the wisdom! Thank you for who you are and for all you are doing. I will go and look at the wisdom weavers site.
    Ah – and I totally adored the last bit about Love. How true, how true.
    Blessings and love to you.

  13. Bernie


    • Linda Haley

      Much gratitude to you both. I want to share this offering with everyone I know!

  14. Juli Lynch

    My deepest gratitude for the sharing of your wisdom Ilarion and Brooke how beautifully you hold space for the teachings. What beautiful start to the summit. Thank you so much.

  15. sister rosemarie

    This wisdom comes at the time i have been trying to preserve the silence, the song, the wind as we face the beautiful Big Bear mountain range. Noisy off road vehicles and target shooting desecrate the sacred site. May your words be heard by our youth. Blessings

  16. Wendy

    Loved this soooo much!! Thank you! It felt like deep nourishing food for my soul ❤️💚❤️🙏🏼

  17. Leea Holliman

    I am totally blessed in Gratitude for the opportunity to Listen to you Both. I hear you, I see you, I hope to see you again. I am Love, Love to you all and all you are doing 🕊️💎🧹 Your stories are beautifully Magical.

    Blessings and Love,


  18. Rose-Lee Sheenan
  19. Helen

    Thank you Ilarion Merculieff and Brooke Medicine Eagle.
    My heart is singing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    To being love and dreaming love for a beautiful peaceful world for all beings.

  20. Lorna Howarth

    This morning tastes so good after listening to Kuyuux’ Wisdom Weaving. How blessed we are to have his presence amongst us, reminding us how to become fully human by getting out of our minds and into our hearts. Immense gratitude to Brooke Medicine Eagle and Larry Merculieff for this profound offering.

  21. Emma

    What truly wonderful wisdom, I am so thankful to hear this right now. Blessings to Ilarion!

  22. Julie Vachon

    Wow how incredible and powerful! Innernet, I love that. The womb at the center of Mother Earth, sacred feminine knowledge, creation and energy, balance is the key. Meegwetch for this beautiful teaching.

    • Brooke Medicine Eagle

      thank you for opening your ears and heart to it! Bless… B

  23. Maka

    Ilarion is getting better and better. I appreciate the way Brooke draws out his salient stories for returning us to Earth.

  24. Claudia Ucros

    Very Inspiring Ilarion and Brooke ! Thank you !

  25. Claudia Ucros

    Very inspiring. Thank you for these beautiful sharing Ilarion !
    THank you Brooke for this invitation.

  26. Susanne

    So very grateful! There is a longing for the Aleuts in my heart, I hadn’t been aware of. There was a photograph with three vulcanos on the internet that felt so familiar. Must have been a wonderful lifetime there. I also have a seafaring soul. Lots of home feelings and this is so real to me.

  27. Maureen Robertson

    What a gift to be offered the replay again of this magnificent summit, thank you so much Brooke! I think I only missed the very first one with Ilarion and the replay doesn’t seem to work, it says an error! Would be so wonderful if this could be made playable again and I understand if it is not possible. So much gratitude for your awesome generosity and sharing!

  28. DeBorah DuBois-Porter

    I can’t thank you enough for this incredible summit. The bonus on the Wisdom Weavers touched my heart as
    no other. I was so moved and felt so much love that it spilled out it tears.
    OMG thank you so much Brooke for sharing your gifts and those of these incredible healers. We can do it!
    We can make a difference for our sweet mother earth and all our relations.
    My heart to yours

  29. Anne Scott

    Love Larry’s story about becoming like a bird by stopping thinking. Beautiful illustration


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