“Living Well & Simply”

With Tom Elpel

It’s very special to hear from guy who has done it his own way - showing us an alternative plan rather than the indebted college and buying a home route. Tom’s intention is to empower you to make more beneficial and supportive choices for your own life: housing, life skills, connection with nature - a real human experience!! 

I love the no-mortgage idea, for sure.

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About Tom Elpel

Thomas J. Elpel took an alternative path in life. The money he saved by avoiding college he invested into buying land and building a passive solar stone and log home. By eliminating rent or mortgage payments or other significant recurring bills, Elpel gained the freedom to pursue his own dreams in life, exploring wilderness survival, botany, and sustainable living. He is the founder of Green University LLC, Outdoor Wilderness Living School LLC (OWLS), HOPS Press, and the Jefferson River Canoe Trail. Elpel has written nine books including Living Homes: Stone Masonry, Log, and Strawbale Construction. Elpel demonstrates that it is still possible for anyone to live the Dream – to own a great home mortgage-free. See a virtual tour of his house here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWKPisywxvY


  1. Sandrine Feltrin

    Trouver un chemin éducatif autrement et avec une place pour la découverte avec la nature, le vivant et les vivre ensemble avec nos différences. Merci encore pour nous rappeler cette voie souvent difficile à trouver en France avec l’éducation conventionnelle. Gratitudes et lumière pour vous Thomas et Brooke.

    • Greta

      This talk has been so interesting. Helped me to think out of the box!

  2. Laura Harding

    This was very cool and educational to watch. Interested to hear learn the other ideas in Tom’s books now. And Brooke, appreciated your contributions to this dialogue too very much.


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