Being Fully Human

With Michael Pilarski

        Michael shares from his heart and experience how he feels we can live a fully human life. Even though he forgot to mention our relationship with the green world, he shares some wonderful ideas on living well.

        My favorite was him talking about our human need for festivals and gatherings to learn from each other and celebrate our lives with dancing and song!

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About Michael Pilarski

Michael Pilarski is a naturalist, farmer, wildcrafter, author and educator. He founded Friends of the Trees Society in 1978 and the Global Earth Repair Foundation in 2019. His focus has been how do we build sustainable and humane cultures through ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture. One of his missions is to build alliances with the fairy, nature spirit and devic realms for collaboration towards Earth regeneration. Thus he blends/bridges science and spiritual realms. `his websites include: <> <> <> 


  1. val Begouen

    Thanks, thanks a lot Michael Pilarski and Brooke Medicine Eagle,
    May we be in our gardens every day, talking to plants and fairies.
    I love

  2. Julie Boreham

    Thank you Michael and Brooke. Such a very sacred and blessed way to live. Xx

    • Michelle Downes

      Thank you both for all you do and sharing it!
      Love and Light,
      Michelle Downes

  3. Wren Davidson

    Loved being with you today, dear Skeeter! Heart-felt, Wren

  4. Ke'oni

    love how brother encourages us to be heard! Harmonizing allows us to be fully human! Love that 🙂

  5. Rose

    Restoration! Yes, this is what I want to do <3

  6. angelique boas

    Beautiful ! thank you Michael and Brooke !

  7. Greta

    Very lovely and useful talk. Thank you. You have given me lots of ideas about how I can participate and give back to the earth

  8. Edward Welch

    Skeeter, thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom. Your talk with Brooke has penetrated deeply into my heart. Thank you both.


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