,”Handy and competent – Being in Creative Touch with the Earth”

With David Wescott

Dave has so much to offer in terms of what feels good and secure to us as human beings, and is devoted to the joy of being in the natural world in a comfortable and free way. Even if you don’t plan on living in the wilderness, I think you will get alot from what Dave has to share about being a full human on this sweet planet.

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About David Wescott

David Wescott has been involved in the use of ancestral skills as a training model and avocational pastime for over 45 years. He started with Larry Dean Olsen - author of Outdoor Survival Skills as an apprentice and assistant and went on to lead field-based expeditions for the majority of his career.  33 years ago, in an effort to expose program staff to best practices, he founded Rabbitstick, a week-long experiential gathering of primitive skills enthusiasts and practitioners. There are over 3 dozen events worldwide that have copied this model of spreading the teaching of the old ways and earth connections. He was the editor of the Bulletin of Primitive Technology as well. He is currently the owner/operator of Backtracks a company that focuses on efforts to keep traditions alive through the teaching of classic camping skills and primitive/traditional arts.


  1. John Daoust

    I’m very glad you added this topic to your summit and David Wescott was a great choice.

  2. sharon bringleson

    I absolutely loved this discussion between you and David….deep wisdom that I feel so often and despair from seeing the loss of agency and capacity stemming on our reliance and addiction to this false power of material technology.

  3. Leslie Gold

    I’ve been thinking the same as David ever since I saw The Whole Earth Catalog, and their monthly magazine, in 1970. I’ve been living with this love in NYC, sometimes frustrated, more and more grateful for everything on our beloved Planet and infinite Cosmos. Thank you David for manifesting and sharing your beautiful truth.


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