Ancient Codes, Wisdom & Fern Medicine from Hawaii’

With Ke'oni Hanalei

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Wow, you definitely want to catch this one! I grabbed my notepad and couldn’t keep up with all the amazing wisdom he shared that comes from his ancient lineage AND applies to us right now ~ about letting go of urgency and tapping into the deep knowledge and possibility all around us as we open our heaters to receive nurturing and give Love.This empowered young man has great stuff for Men, and also for Women.  All I can say is —- listen and learn from this remarkable guy !!

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About Ke'oni Hanalei

Ke’oni Hanalei of PōHALA
Pohala (v) – to recover consciousness; to wake from stupor.
PōHALA, to ascend
Aloha! Ke’oni is a descendant of the Mū people, the inhabitants of Papahānaumokuakea(Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) before the migration of the Polynesians, through the lines of Kā’ō’u’ikalanikaleimaumau, Ololu, and Mahat on his maternal grandmothers line. His maternal grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani, was a well known healer on the island of Maui. Ke’oni was fortunate to become hanaid (adopted) by Kau’ikeonalani upon birth and spent the first 5 years of his life immersed in ancient practice and mysticism. He is just one of only a handful of practitioners who have access and are willing to share this ancient archaic knowledge, or “preflood ‘ike.” Fern Medicine, or emotional intelligence, is one aspect of this ‘ike, and dominates what he expresses today. This is the legacy of his lineage. Fern Medicine is the awareness of the movement of emotions, and the release from control fixation. Ke’oni is also versed in ancient primal, meditative, and movement practices which incite cellular memory, DNA activation, and the comprehension of familial and lineal wisdom through the reading of the nervous system
and DNA.
You can go directly to his website to view all such offerings
Ke’oni’s insta handle is a great source for fern/mū/alchemy/esoteric wisdom and information:


  1. r

    what a remarkable teacher!!! thank you

    • greta coutis

      This has been so inspirational. Ke’oni helped to re-frame stereotypes and helped to understand the masculine and feminine qualities and living in harmony. Thank you for informing us that we live in times of panic and overwhelm and how we need to stay grounded

    • Michael Denmeade

      I had spent time on the Big Island learning from Auntie Margaret Macadoo. This brought me back 28 years ago to that time and magic of the Huna traditions. What a inspiration Ke’oni is. Bless you dear one! Aloha Nui Loa Michael

  2. Wren Davidson

    Beyond awesome. Thank you, Ke’oni and Brooke. This is so timely too, as the approaching Winter Solstice Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction marks the shift into the Aquarian Age, whose core energetic is The Group Working Together. Blessing Be!
    Peace, Love, and Understanding, from Wren

    • Rose

      I’m a sun rising conjunct Aquarian with trine to jupiter saturn conjunct (Libra) in my natal chart, thus I’m looking forward to December 21

  3. Tyffany Howard

    Wow! This conversation is so timely. I loved every minute. Beautiful energy. I will watch again and again to allow the vibration and the message to be taken into my energetic space. Much gratitude to you, Brooke, and Ke-oni! Peace and love!

  4. Northstar

    Mahalo Brooke & Ke’oni …so very inspiring! I am up-lifted by his truth, Incredible wisdom and beauty.
    Holding the Lineage…sharing the ancient lineage and language. A beautiful being!
    Very interesting 103 emotions…expressed through ferns. Mahalo and aloha!

  5. Sharon

    Hi Brook and Ke’oni ;

    Thank you for the wonderful chat about changing how we can talk to our inner selves! I loved this interview. I hope these teaching are available to use to encourage change with those that choose to take the path of Grace 😍

    Thank you so much for this series Brooke as I personally enjoyed this journey of phenomenal information and practises to bring positive contribution for the collective.

  6. Rose

    He has a great laugh!

    • Mary

      Thank you so much brother Ke’oni for sharing your strength, grace, wisdom and laughter! I came across u once before on a summit, and felt drawn again, particularly because of a dream I had this past year in which someone said they were serving “Fern Pie”. ??? I presume that will make sense when I’m ready for it. 🙂 I love you both. Espavo.

  7. Windsong Martin

    Thank you for sharing this timely wisdom. I love the last message especially. Bless you

    • Greta

      Second time I watched Ke’oni. He is truly exceptional. I have learned so much. Brooke I do hope you invite him back to your next host of speakers. Thank you I really appreciate you both xx

  8. Jude

    Wonderful and inspiring

    Thank you

    I hope to connect with you Ke’oni to move through some things that are holding me back

    Your words and work resonate with me

    With kindness

  9. Julie Vachon

    Wow how beautiful, these teachings are incredible! The power in gentleness, in kindness and love are visible for all to see. Meegwetch Ke’oni for your incredible wisdom, your commitment and your beautiful heart!


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