“The Power of Integrative, Wholistic Medicine”

With Don Beans

Hello, Wow, Don is a brilliant healer ~ curious and always looking for better ways to help his patients. He’s got some great information for you!!

This is wonderful sharing by a healer who uses many powerful modalities — with great success, including patients with Covid. His curiosity and

continued learning and wisdom can support your health and well-being too. This was especially interesting to me! In China as a young man, he

watched a very serious operation done with only acupuncture needle anesthetic and the person awake!! That opened his eyes to oriental

medicine and a whole range of other remarkable modalities. This statistics from 1918 flu epidemic right up to now shows that homeopathic doctors lost only 1% of their patents while standard medical systems lost over 30%. Good to know, people….

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About Don Beans

About the Author
Dr. Donald R. Beans, a native Montanan, began working in the medical field as an aid in the emergency department in 1973. Dr. Beans is a registered nurse with a degree from Montana State University, 1978. He studied acupuncture at many schools and with various teachers leading to Montana licensure in 1980 and starting a private practice in Missoula. He earned national board certification in acupuncture in 1985 from the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; He is also a certified classical homeopath.
Dr. Beans was a teaching associate of Dr. Bernard Jensen for 10 years, 1983-1993. They presented one-week seminars on nutrition and wellness. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Jensen, Dr. Beans earned a doctor of philosophy degree in iridology and nutrition from the University of Health Science in Honolulu Hawaii.
Dr. Beans joined the Endocrine Society in 2003 and attended the course Clinical Endocrinology at Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Beans is currently in private practice in Bigfork Montana.


  1. Julie Boreham

    Time just flew by – I wished we had time for another session. Thank you so much for the interesting talk.

  2. R. Fitzgerald

    Thank you for reinforcing what I believe!

  3. Aweeponoo

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Wonderful sharing, and so informative.
    I love homeopathy.
    Many blessings and LOVE to you both, Aweeponoo

  4. Northstar

    Loved listening to Don Bean. Yes, my field of studies! Thank you! I’m into the new homeopathy which is vibration, frequencies, energy medicine working with artificial intelligence! All very Fascinating!

    • Greta

      So informative and useful. Thank you so much!

  5. Raquel Rosen

    Thank you for the provocative discussion
    I am a nephrologist for over thirty years
    I use homeopathy on my dialysis patients and acupuncture for the last
    15 years. It is about time to integrate
    And embrace all modalities


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